Proactive Strategies Help New England Businesses Survive Potential Disasters

Successful business owners in New England have at least one thing in common. They take the time for planning, both short and long-term. Although inspiration and vision may start the journey that turns a passion into a thriving company, mindful, step by step preparations and a commitment to follow through are the maps and itineraries that lead to the desired destination.

No company wants to experience the stress and expense of suffering the destruction of its physical place of business. Failing to anticipate and plan for catastrophic events risks having all the efforts made and milestones reached by investors, owners, and employees disappear in a matter of moments. Traditions built over years, decades, and perhaps centuries face perils that have no respect for the heritage established by businesses in this long-settled area of the country.

Church Street Marketplace in Burlington is lined with historic buildings, fountains, and a brick-paved pedestrian mall. Burlington is the largest city in the State of Vermont situated on Lake Champlain. Burlington is a college town known for its beer breweries, thriving arts scene, and great museums.

Threats and dangers that can destroy a commercial endeavor are everywhere in New England. Natural events like hurricane-fueled storms, snow, ice, and seasonal floods have the power to reduce a well-designed and beautiful corporate campus to a tangle of water-logged building materials, exposing inventory, equipment and machinery, offices, retail spaces, production areas, and more to the elements. Failed plumbing and operator errors cause water to spread into warehouses, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and factories, ruining interiors and documents. Both structures and contents then are at risk of secondary damage like mold damage.

Lightning, accidents, malfunctions, and arson can reduce commercial buildings to smoldering shells, severely damaged by fire. Soot and smoke swiftly damage fixtures, decor, walls, ceilings, equipment, goods, records, and so much more. Fire damage almost always included persistent odor issues, making a commercial space an extremely unpleasant place to live, work, shop, dine, or visit even if the visible damage has been abated. Vandalism and other criminal activity foul and defaces commercial spaces. Customers are repelled by this development, losing interest or trust in the goods or services offered by the violated business.

Devising a business disaster plan that includes strategies for any and all of the situations described above is crucial to a smooth recovery when a catastrophe strikes. Restoration companies that work with a business to prepare an emergency response blueprint before a crisis provide a unique and needed service. Water losses, fire damage, and other events can close an unprepared business.

Savvy New England commercial customers take the time now to line up a disaster recovery firm that understands their priorities and individual needs should the unthinkable happen. Finding the best fit in a restoration company is time well spent, ensuring the best outcome to a difficult situation.


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